Are you a vet and want to join a club where you can enjoy your time and communicate with your fellows?  Get to know others by joining our platform and engage with vets of other branches.  This club is for you to join if you are a veteran from any Branch. You can join your specific community, or you can converse and communicate with any branch vets.

We realize that thee are many different organizations for vets:  American Legion. VFW. Fleet Reserve Assoation and many more.  All are great and serve their members well.   With Social Distancing becoming the new NORM, this is a great way to keep in touch.  Not just that, many vets for whatever reason are unable to get out and socialize, they need a place to be included and welcome to a place for socializing.


Benefits that you will get:


Quality Time

Imagine spending your free time with quality. The H.R.V. Club gives you the opportunity to make your free time worthwhile. 

Surrounded by Positivity

Once you join our club, you feel positive vibes surrounding you. You will see people spreading positivity through their communication and conversation.

Social Enviroment

As we grow, with us you can contact your friends to whom you were not able to communicate for a long time. Get in touch with your old friends by joining our club.

Healthy Converrsations

You get to engage in healthy conversations with your group, or you can enjoy the company of other groups in the club as well. Also, H.R.V. Club provides you with the opportunity of communicating with different minds, so you get their point of view on how they see things.

Meet and Greet

This club is created to allow Vets Meet and Greet other vets and get to know them, their preferences, choices, or likings. You can also share your pictures, achievements, and set a time if you want to conduct a meeting.

Create Groups, Events, and Make this site what y'all want

You can create events of any theme and involve all the club members in it.

Join our club today and surround yourself in a positive environment!!

Nothing fancy here, we just ask that everyone is polite and get along.

This is NOT a Religious nor Political site.  We realize that people will engage in this, so Please keep it in private messages.